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Friday, September 24, 2010


A few weeks ago, I had my very first Acupuncture experience with a local pain management clinic in my area. Being the OCD person that I am, I needed to do research first to make sure it would be safe and sanitary before I was going to allow multiple needles to puncture my skin. I was ready, but wanted to make sure I did my research first.

Acupuncture is an ancient form of healing and goes back so far, it can not be given an official date of inception. It is believed however that it could have started as long as 8,000 years ago and is rooted in the Taoist philosophy. The people of this time were in tune with nature and the energy that both the universe and the human body expelled. A Chinese man named Fu Hsi is believed to be the one who after his observations of nature and man, believed that two symbols existed in nature, a broken line and an unbroken line, which represented the two major forces in the universe. They stood for creation and recreation. This is what we know today as the yin-yang symbol. This is essentially when the beginning of Chinese medicine began.

During the Shang Dynasty in China, in approximately 1000 BC, hieroglyphs showed that Acupuncture existed. Bronze needles were removed from ruins. During the Warren Era between 421-221 BC, metal needles were also found in ancient tombs.

Acupuncture continued through the years to grow in popularity among the people and it wasn't until the Ming Dynasty (1568-1644) also called the enlightenment period that Acupuncture advanced. This includes the techniques, manipulation of needles during Acupuncture, the development of Moxa sticks for indirect treatment, and additional areas of the body were identified as meridians.

There was a time during the Opium Wars, and the Revolution of 1911 that Acupuncture was set to the side so traditional forms of medicine could be used, but starting back in 1934 through today Acupuncture is rooted not only in Chinese, but American culture as well. China still leads the way in Acupuncture research, treatment and in the Chinese medical system.

Now that I had all the facts, or as much as I needed to know, I was ready to have my treatment. I do have to make a confession, I did take an Imodium just in case I freaked out because my biggest fear was that what if I have all these needles in my back and then right there, the sudden urge to shit would come on. Then I had this fear of then ripping all the needles out as fast as they could so I could get to the bathroom, so I just took a deep breath, inspected the area for cleanliness and it passed inspection.

The wonderful doctor spent a long time talking with me first about my many ailments and issues and he decided that needles in the top and bottom of my spine along with elctro-stimulation would work best. He even demonstrated with a needle to show me how flexible and small there are. You can even tie one in a knot. Ok, I can handle this. If I can pass a kidney stone, I can handle this.

I laid flat on a table much like a massage table and he started popping the needles in one by one and I thought it would hurt, but I only felt one needle which was one put in the top of my left butt cheek. They removed that one and kept all the rest. I was laying there with 25 needles in my back. It was weird. Then they attached electrodes to two needles as you can see in this picture below and turned on the electro-stimulation, which felt like tiny pulses running through my back. I was relaxed and at ease.

They turned on a timer and I enjoyed twenty minutes of Acupuncture. Afterwards they applied a blue, topical pain cream that smelled like Bengay and did a bit of touch massage. I left the office feeling invigorated. The following day, I did feel a little sore, but after two days, I noticed that I had a lot less back pain and I slept great that night.

I was so impressed that I am having another Acupuncture treatment today and will continue to have this treatment once a month along with my usual massage ever few months. I urge you, if you have back pain, IBS or Fibromyalgia, that you try Acupuncture at least once. I am so glad I did!

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Maragaret Schmitz said...

Good to hear that your first acupuncture experience was a great success! Your research can help people, who want to know about what acupuncture is. In addition, according to Traditional Chinese medicine, the simplest effect of acupuncture is to help the body and mind to feel at ease. And it has no side effects, which can be good for people who might want but having hesitations to try it.

Anonymous said...

Nice experience sharing by you.
cupuncture has been around for a very long time and used by practitioners around the world.


Unknown said...

I remember being in your situation when I also had tons of research before I proceeded with the acupuncture session. I was so afraid that I might be poisoned if I had dirty needles in my body, but then I started to love the treatment after the first time that I tried it. I bet that you’re an avid fan of acupuncture and I hope you’re still attending some sessions.

- Major Marburger -

Unknown said...

It’s a wise decision to research about acupuncture, but it’s wiser that you go and experience it firsthand. I know you’ll be fascinated of the wonders it has done for somebody, but the question is if you’ll give it a try. I’m glad that you decided to get an acupuncture session and I bet you have a very healthy body!

-Shan Salas-

Unknown said...

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